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In the 1950s TOYOBO began working on microorganisms when seeking ways of treating waste water from one of our plants that processed pulp for rayon. Scientists in our laboratories discovered that a certain type of yeast was consuming sugar in the waste water and substantially reducing the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) level. We then filtered out the yeast to market it for animal food. As the proportion of nucleic acids in the yeast was extremely high, we separated them out and did research for use in food seasonings. In the 1960s, based on a success in commercializing uricase from Candida sp., the first of its kind, we expanded our focus to include the field of clinical chemistry. Now TOYOBO excels in the market with more than 60 kinds of material enzymes for diagnostic reagents. Also, we provide many kinds of materials and kits for research use in the field of molecular biology to support forefront findings. TOYOBO Healthcare products are renowned both in Japan and around the world for the finest level of quality on the market.



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