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High Efficient Reverse Transcriptase: ReverTra Ace®

ReverTra Ace® is an M-MLV reverse transcriptase that has been improved by point mutation technology. ReverTra Ace® has two mutations in the polymerase and RNase H domains that elevate the cDNA synthesis ability and inactivate RNase H activity, respectively.Therefore, ReverTra Ace® (Code No. TRT-101) exhibits efficient reverse transcriptase activity and enables the synthesis of ≥ 14 kb cDNA.

ReverTra Ace-α-® (Code No.FSK-101) is an efficient and convenient kit for synthesizing high quality cDNA. The kit contains the highly efficient reverse transcriptase "ReverTra Ace®" as well as other components optimized for the synthesis of long cDNAs suitable for RT-PCR.

Fig.1 Point mutation in M-MLV RTase

  1. ReverTra Ace
  2. Reverse Transcriptase (Company A)
  3. Reverse Transcriptase (Company B)

Fig.2 Comparison of reverse transcriptase efficiency.
Reverse transcriptase efficiency among various RTases is compared by RT-PCR of 18S rRNA. The RTase reaction was performed using a specific primer at 42°C.

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